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Marie Austin - Associate - Estates Planning & Administration | Atkinson Crehan Law

Marie Austin is the powerhouse team leader of our Asset Planning & Estate team.

Believe it or not, one Will does not suit all circumstances. At Atkinson Crehan, Marie focuses her high energy and sharp organisational skills on guiding people through asset planning, probate applications, wills, and handling estates.

Marie knows that engaging with a law firm can be daunting, particularly in times of stress, so she takes pride in her approachability and talent for putting people’s minds at ease. She can break down the legal process into terms that are easy to understand, guides clients seamlessly and positively into the next stage, and enjoys answering questions — no question is a silly question!

The thing about Marie is: she doesn’t just know how to handle the legacies that we or our loved ones want to leave behind. Her own background growing up as one of six children in the farming community has proven to be a valuable asset in her work. She can easily interact with everyone who comes through the door, and she has a genuine understanding of everything from farming and business to property ownership and family. Your matters are safe in her hands.

Marie regularly supports local fundraisers through her gym.

Marie must have discovered the secret to unlocking extra hours in a day…. We don’t know how she does it! When she’s not busy at work holding down a full-time job, Marie is mothering four sons, chasing after her two naughty dogs, working out twice a day at the gym, and is also learning to play the cello. There might possibly be nothing that she can’t do!

To get in touch with Marie Austin
Alison Macbeth


22 Oxford Street, Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand

+64 3 543 8601



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