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Welcome to our career site

Here you will find information about our current vacancies and how to apply.

We hope you find the information useful, and it provides you with an insight about what it’s like to work at Atkinson Crehan.

If a role catches your attention, you can find out a bit more about it by clicking on the job description link.  If you then decide you’d like to apply, please click on the link that takes you to Seek and apply online.  For all open roles you must apply through Seek.

No current roles that suite your skills or experience?  If you are interested in Atkinson Crehan as a future employer, but you see no open roles that match your skills and experience, then email us, we’d still like to hear from you.

Please note:  We don’t always wait for a job to close before making contact, we may also fill a job before the advertised close date, that’s because when we find someone we feel will fit with our firm, we move on getting them.

Atkinson Crehan Law is a forward thinking law firm based in Richmond, Nelson and Motueka. The disestablishment of Knapps Lawyers saw Jacintha Atkinson-Manson and Amanda Crehan form a new partnership. Embracing new technology and more effective ways of working, the firm is moving towards leading the way in ensuring clients can be assisted no matter where they are situated.

What can you expect when you work at ACL?

You’ll walk into a friendly environment of like-minded people. We enjoy who we work with, what we do, and how we positively impact on our clients’ lives. These times can be some of the hardest for our clients, what we try to do is make the legal side of things as stress free as possible.

We like to get together and enjoy a bit of social time to. Whether that’s tapping into our creative side with paint and sip, having a few bevvies and watching a movie, or catching up at the end of the week to shoot the breeze. It’s so important to us to get together and take some time to relax.

Current Vacancies

As a Graduate you’ll be working in a law firm that truly values what you will bring to the firm.  We will provide ongoing mentoring with some well-respected long standing staff members who have continued to work with us through the transformation of our new firm.

The role

As a Graduate Solicitor you will work across our suite of offerings to build on your knowledge base and find what area of law really inspires you.  You may decide you have a preference for Trusts or Property Law, we are here to help you find your passion whilst working alongside other passionate people in their field of expertise.  All the while learning, developing and honing your skill base.  This role provides a long-term career opportunity for the ideal applicant.

Who is the ideal applicant?

Someone who

  • Is near or is a recent graduate, ready to start work anytime in the next 3-odd months
  • truly values delivering exceptional service to clients
  • is committed to excellence and achievement
  • will demonstrate their ability to use their initiative to seek to understand
  • is wanting to establish a successful legal career
  • is prepared to work hard to meet client needs within a supportive environment
  • will fit in with a team where we like to get to know our fellow colleagues

The rest you learn on the job in the multiple disciplines we specialise in.

This role presents an exciting opportunity to work in a job that offers both challenging and diverse work within a learning focused environment.

Why Tasman

Apart from the fantastic climate and ability for the bad weather to sweep around the hills you can indulge your leisure time through adventure activities through, snow, sea, mountains or skies.  Or you may like to take things a little slower ad enjoy our diverse arts, heritage and culture.  With fantastic beaches, camping, tramping, cycling and retreats, the Tasman area has it all.

If this opportunity sparks your interest apply now.  Please submit your CV, Cover Letter and Academic Transcript.

If you have any questions please contact:  Joe Sims | General Manager | or Kellie Neighbours | Business Lead – People & Capability |

Click here to view the job description.

To apply, follow the link to seek and apply online.

The role
We’re embracing technology and forward-thinking ways of working to ensure that we stay connected. We need someone who can be responsive, and problem solve IT issues that crop up. This is a new role supporting the General Manager by being the first point of contact for all IT issues.

We are looking for someone to provide timely IT trouble shooting assistance to others. You will juggle multiple tasks at any one time and you’ll be flexible with your workday. You will be trained in our IT systems in order to upskill, problem solve and then know when issues may need to be escalated to an external provider.

You’ll also set people up in our systems and ensure they are running smoothly prior to them starting with us.
Travel will be involved as we have offices in Richmond, Nelson and Motueka

But… don’t fear, you’ll also spread your wings into other areas such as marketing in order to keep our clients informed of the latest happenings.

Skills and/or experience you’ll bring to the role

  • The ability to use your initiative and problem solve
  • Ability to learn new computer programs and how they work
  • You’ll be clear and confident with your verbal and written communication
  • Be a good listener, in order to understand and respond to issues and queries
  • You’ll have a keen interest in information technology with a desire to develop IT related skills
  • You’ll have the ability to multi-task, prioritise, and manage time efficiently
  • Previous experience in an office environment is an advantage
  • NCEA level 2 (or equivalent)

Note: You don’t need a formal IT qualification for this role, but you do need a willingness and capacity to learn new processes, systems and software in order to support the changing needs of the firm.

As the IT Co-ordinator you’ll work in a law firm that truly values what you will bring to the role. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills and extend yourself in a safe environment. You will need a good level of physical fitness as some heavy lifting will be involved.

You may be someone looking to return to the workforce, someone who’s looking to leave school or looking for a change to your current norm and possess the skills we’re looking for.

To find out more about the role check out the job description;

To apply click on this link that takes you to Seek in order to apply.

We are looking for an Intermediate to Senior Solicitor to join our firm based in either our Richmond or Nelson Office. This is an opportunity to join a fantastic firm at an Intermediate to Senior level and grow your skills working alongside our experienced team.

As a Solicitor you will work with an established client base to deliver effective client services while also improving your coaching skills.

What area will you be working in you ask?

We’re open to what you have to offer. That’s how flexible we are. We don’t want to narrow the field, so don’t narrow yours by missing out on this opportunity to work with two amazing female directors in a progressive firm.

You’ll have the opportunity to build on your skills to develop and grow your client base. You’ll also have the opportunity in this role to extend yourself and build a truly rewarding career.

Our ideal applicant will value building strong long lasting client relationships where you put the client’s needs first. You’ll have a strong work ethic and seek to improve your capabilities through continuous learning and embracing technology. You’ll be seeking a supportive team environment where there is room for advancement. You’ll also fit with our relaxed environment where we like to take time with our fellow colleagues to get to know each other.

If you’re not a local, you may consider this a rather large move, so Why Richmond/Nelson? Apart from the fantastic climate and ability for the bad weather to sweep around the hills you can indulge your leisure time through adventure activities in the snow, in or on the sea, up the mountains or in the skies. Or you may like to take things a little slower and enjoy our diverse arts, heritage and culture. With fantastic beaches, camping, tramping, cycling and retreats, Nelson has it all.

If this opportunity sparks your interest please submit your CV, Cover Letter by Applying Now.
If you have any questions please contact: Joe Sims | General Manager |

To apply click on the Seek link and apply online.

Privacy of Information Statement

All information submitted in your application will remain confidential and will not be shared or discussed any further than those people within the firm who are making the hiring decisions.

By applying for a role at Atkinson Crehan Law, you agree that we can hold your information and reach out to you in the future should an opportunity arise that we feel could suit your skills and experience.


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