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Welcome to our career site

We have a wide range of opportunities in the firm. Please contact our General Manager, Joe Sims, at for more details or check out the opportunities on Seek.

Seek now

No current roles that suite your skills or experience?  If you are interested in Atkinson Crehan as a future employer, but you see no open roles that match your skills and experience, then email us, we’d still like to hear from you.

Please note:  We don’t always wait for a job to close before making contact, we may also fill a job before the advertised close date, that’s because when we find someone we feel will fit with our firm, we move on getting them.

Atkinson Crehan Law is a forward thinking law firm based in Richmond, Nelson and Motueka. The disestablishment of Knapps Lawyers saw Jacintha Atkinson-Manson and Amanda Crehan form a new partnership. Embracing new technology and more effective ways of working, the firm is moving towards leading the way in ensuring clients can be assisted no matter where they are situated.

What can you expect when you work at ACL?

You’ll walk into a friendly environment of like-minded people. We enjoy who we work with, what we do, and how we positively impact on our clients’ lives. These times can be some of the hardest for our clients, what we try to do is make the legal side of things as stress free as possible.

We like to get together and enjoy a bit of social time to. Whether that’s tapping into our creative side with paint and sip, having a few bevvies and watching a movie, or catching up at the end of the week to shoot the breeze. It’s so important to us to get together and take some time to relax.

Privacy of Information Statement

All information submitted in your application will remain confidential and will not be shared or discussed any further than those people within the firm who are making the hiring decisions.

By applying for a role at Atkinson Crehan Law, you agree that we can hold your information and reach out to you in the future should an opportunity arise that we feel could suit your skills and experience.


22 Oxford Street, Richmond, Nelson
New Zealand

+64 3 543 8601



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